Company Profile of LIB

Business Mission:
We devote ourselves to provide our customers with “Beauty and Wellness” through unique “ECOLOGICAL LEATHER PRODUCTS”.

Our Vision: 
  1. To produce diversified leather goods through ECOLOGICAL LEATER.
  3. On 4th February 2018 LIB achieved a green signal from Prime minister Office allowed to produce ECOLOGICAL LEATHER PRODUCTS in this premises. It is such a biodegradable and environment friendly leather, also turns to fertilizer while it contacts to soil.
  4. Such a hygiene leather even you can eat your snacks without washing your hand.
  5. This is the only one project in Bangladesh producing ECOLOGICAL LEATHER PRODUCTS.
  6. Due to environmental issue, there is a great demand of ECOLOGICAL LEATHER PRODUCTS worldwide.
  7. Main focus is to set up satellite factory allocate nearly 10,000 to 15,000 village women’s will be facilitated through this handworks. It will help women’s empowerment.
  8. LIB will maintain global compliance to catch renowned buyers which will help to earn foreign currency to strengthen the country’s economy.
  9. Our vision is to create opportunity “MADE IN BANGLADESH” products introduce to world famous brand to accelerate our country image.


The leather of LIB is entirely organic. The hides come from cows that are humanely raised on a little farm in locality of different region in Bangladesh. Unlike most leathers, our leather is tanned eco-friendly: there is zero toxicity for the environment, as vegetable extracts are used to cure the leather with low percentages of eco-friendly chemicals. This is all done in our own tannery.

It has established in 1997 and operated its activities in Hazaribagh, Dhaka. Due to environmental issues, the new leather tannery industrial state move to Harindhara, Hemayetpur, Savar, likewise in Dhaka.

In our tannery, the leather is treated with oil, rough salt and extracts from the tree. This gives the eco leather its natural look and durable feel.

The tannery also give the leather a special oil treatment. This preserves the elasticity of the leather over time and highlights the color and the unique details of every piece of leather.

Leather Goods:

Since our leather goods establishment in 2001, has devoted its efforts to product planning, manufacturing and marketing in the leather goods business.

From the standpoint that we apprehend leather goods as new era fashion trend considering new innovation of woven/plain leather, woven/plain leather bags, belts and wallets even on the feet, It has 17 years of exporting experiences to Asia, Europe and America. It possesses R&D, design, production and sales departments in the factory, and also an essential motivation to creation of culture and lifestyle, the Company will drive forward with further business expansion by developing products that offer new values to customers.

We warmly welcome foreign customers to visit our company. There is an excellent professional leather goods production equipment and highly qualified staff to help customers to make quality control and brand maintenance and provide best after-sales service!

Management Principles:

  • Aspire to becoming “customer value Creation Company” through making every operation customer-focused and market-oriented.
  • Aspire to provide maximum safety, fashion, comfort and satisfaction of our customers through Ecological Leather Goods manufacturing and services focused on quality.
  • Aspire for thorough compliance and nurturing of human resources through business activities, and strive to become a company highly trusted by the society.

Message from the Managing Director

In the current consolidated fiscal year, while the Bangladesh economy was on a moderate recovery trend amid improvement in employment and the earnings environment, the future outlook is unclear due to factors such as uncertainty in the global economy and the effects of instability in financial capital markets.

As for the leather goods industry, deep-seated saving and low price mindsets took root, and the recovery in personal consumption was stagnant. Although the synthetic goods is in demand remains high, causing relative difficulty in the Men’s/women’s synthetic accessories market and casual leather goods and causing a harsh management environment to continue.

Under such circumstances, the LIB LTD., as a leading leather goods production house that closely cooperates with the relevant divisions of planning, manufacturing and sales in response to customer needs, worked on product development, and has positioned the creation on new markets through initiatives such as revising its product development process, with a challenging sprit and sustaining innovation, LIB will continuously strive for higher performance at every stage from manufacturing to marketing so as to further enhance our corporate value.


1) Fast sample lead time. Sample can be made from design drawing. OEM/ODM order is both accepted. Style, material, size, color, printing, hardware can be customized according to customer requirements.

2) Excellent product quality. Production process is running according to ISO9000 quality system, enabling customers to order all-round protection. Comprehensive enterprise management system and quality control system have been established.

3) Specializes in brand management and marketing. We have a long history in the woven leather, woven/plain leather bags, belts and wallets industry, have been successful to create highly influential Woven/Plain leather handbags brand for Asia, Europe, Russian and American customers.

4) Most influential fastest rising leather goods manufacturing plant in Bangladesh. “Join the world, create unique and role model factory” has always been our pursuit and goal.

Following are the salient features of our LEATHER range:

  • Ecological Leather
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Resistance to tear
  • High Resistance to flexing
  • High Resistance to puncture
  • Good Heat Insulation
  • Permeability to water vapour
  • Thermostatic properties
  • Resistance to wet and dry abrasion
  • Resistance to wet and dry rub fastness
  • Resistance to fire
  • Resistance to fungi
  • Resistance to chemical attach